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Soy Candles

We like to create and promote relaxing environment by introducing our great selection of fragrances for our customers.

We have over 120 different scents to answer each customer's needs. We care about the environment and our candles are made from 100% pure soy wax. Our soy candles do not emit soot and have a much lower melting point compared to paraffin wax. Therefore, our soy candles burn slower and last between 30 to 50 % longer than paraffin wax candles.

Santa's Candles have 4 different sizes and also have a lot of regional scents like Fairbanks Midnight Sun or Skagway Waterfall or Christmas Scents like Old Fashion Christmas or Christmas Splendor. We also make Fresh Fruit Scented candles, soy beads, and soy tarts. For Example, Alaskan Blueberry or Lemon. We are continuously expanding our scent list.

Santa's Candles products are high quality. We have strong scents and our candles burn evenly giving you many hours of added pleasure.

Soy Tarts, Soy Beads

We now make soy tarts and soy beads. You just place them in a warmer or in a bowl. You can enjoy one scent or create your favorite scents from our selections. The combination of scents is limitless.

Custom Order, Fundraising

We welcome custom orders and work with local organizations such as schools, businesses, or teams for fundraising in addition to doing retail and wholesale. If you would like to know more about this, please send e-mail to

Shopping through PayPal

We accept payment by Credit Card through our secure shopping cart.
Please visit the Online Shopping page to place orders.
To place an order for electric warmers, please visit warmers page.

Santa's Candles
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